<aside> 😢 I'm really excited about what I worked on this summer! Unfortunately, I cannot publicly share the details of this project, but please reach out to me at aimeeloliou@gmail.com if you're curious.



12 weeks


UX designers, visual designers, content designers, design researchers, project manager, design principal, segment lead


Kelsey Gonzales


Sketch, InVision, Mural

📌 Overview

I worked on a new product within IBM Sterling that provides insight into a user’s inventory and, enabled by AI, helps businesses optimize their supply chain performance. Specifically, my focus was on Account Management and ensuring administrators can effectively manage their company.

💻 My experience

SPARK Festival


📖 Read Creating a spark with the IBM Spark Design Festival by Cara Viktorov on Medium

This was an awesome way to kick off my internship. Not only was it a great first impression on IBM and what they value, but It also gave me important things to keep in mind as I begin my internship including accessibility, public speaking, collaboration, and more.

Be(e) Innovative Intern Challenge

Our idea

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