<aside> ⚠️ As of Q2 2023, designs have not been pushed to production and cannot be publicly shared. I have two case-studies that I’m happy to present that demonstrates my depth and width of systems thinking, how I collaborate, and a clear business impact (over video call).


Here are 3 things I want to highlight as a designer working on IBM Sterling Order Management:

💻 I hit the ground running and turn complex problems into simple and quality experiences by

And more!

🔍 I’m conducting a product-wide consistency audit

Lots of designers and engineers have cycled through our team and product and there’s bound to be some inconsistencies. I’m leading work with cross-functional teams to make sure our copy, visual, interaction, and UX design is consistent and lines up with IBM’s Carbon Design System and accessibility standards. When there are larger discrepancies, I’m getting the right people together to iron out the details. I’m also building documentation for other teams in OIM to refer to!

🧧 I started a pan-Asian Business Resource Group for all IBMers

Testimonials from leadership

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