As a supplement for a grant proposal on improving geriatric trauma patient care, I designed the interface for a tool that predicts where patients should be discharged, therefore, accelerating provider intervention.


Dr. Andrew Young, MD


1-week design sprint, Winter 2020


Primary research + user interviews, user experience +Ā user interface design

My role

Sole researcher and designer through the end-to-end process: discovery, user research, requirements, design, testing through launch.


šŸ“Œ Overview


There is a negative relationship between time spent in a hospital and a patientā€™s health (the longer they stay in the hospital, the worse they get) and a messy interface prevents care providers from intervening and determining next steps quicker.


I designed an intuitive and simple interface, unique to trauma providers, that will utilize a predictive algorithm and improve patient care.

šŸ”Ž Research

Dr. Young and I discussedĀ his workflow, grant proposal, and MVP.

What's the issue?

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