<aside> 😢 Sadly, I cannot publicly share the details of this project, but feel free to reach out to me at aimeeloliou@gmail.com to learn more!


My role

I explored and designed a new holistic feature within IBM Sterling's Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) that notifies customers when systems are down or may be delayed. My final deliverables were high-fidelity prototypes.


9 weeks (shortened due to COVID-19)

Intern team: Jamaal Baki (design researcher), Rakinne Foote + Taylor Rees (front-end developers), Eniola Osineye (back-end developer), and me!


Zach Goodman, Daren Hrelic, and Gina Ranalli


Sketch, InVision, Mural, Github

Ending Friday stand-ups by telling corny jokes!

Ending Friday stand-ups by telling corny jokes!

💻 My experience

<aside> 🧠 The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite is an open, integrated platform that connects to your supplier ecosystem while leveraging advanced technologies like AI and blockchain.


Using agile best practices, I delivered a minimum viable product every week as well as...

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